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Upcoming Changes to the BACB Requirements:

The last day to submit an application for the BACB’s 2022 eligibility requirements is Dec. 31, 2026. The following dates list the last semester students may begin a program and meet the current (5th edition) BACB academic eligibility requirements:

项目类型Last semester to start *2022 Eligibility ProgramProgram completion date
硕士学位 2024年秋季 2026年夏天
Grad cert that meets BCBA eligibility requirements  2025年春季 2026年夏天
Grad cert that meets BCaBA eligibility requirements         2025年夏天 2026年夏天

Review BACB changes here: 3月20日

Why Behavior Analysis?

In addition to learning skills that help you make a positive difference in others' lives, behavior analysis education also makes you highly employable. Applied behavior analysis (ABA) practitioners know that certification is the key to job growth and security. There is a growing need for well-trained board-certified professionals in behavior analysis to work or consult in schools, early intervention programs, 天计划, residential settings and home-based programs. The career opportunities are expansive and growing.

Application 信息

Work toward your Behavior or Assistant Behavior Analyst Certificate or Earn Your Behavior Analysis Practice, M.A.

2024年夏天: applications close April 22, 2024

2024年秋季: applications close Aug. 12, 2024

2025年春季: applications close Dec. 2, 2024

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Registration 信息

Summer 2024 registration opens March 4, 2024 at 8:00 am EST

Admitted students may register online through 爪子.

Semester Date 信息

2024年春季: January 8, 2024-April 20, 2024

2024年夏天: May 6, 2024-August 17, 2024

2024年秋季: August 26, 2024-December 14, 2024


*Course formerly titled the 21st Century BCBA Supervision Course Series (as of July 1, 2022)

Registered behavior technicians working with a child

Behavior Analysis Essentials:
A 40-hour Behavior Technical Training

Behavior Analysis Essentials is designed to meet the 40-hour training requirement for RBT® certification through the BACB®, an independent certification organization. Completing this course does not guarantee certification.